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It is an insurance policy that protect the owner of the motor vehicle against any financial loss arising out of damage or theft of a vehicle. Motor Vehicle coverage also includes damage caused to third party, property or theft. It is a statutory requirement for a motor vehicle owner to have a minimum Third Party cover to drive on Kenya roads. You can insure your motor vehicle comprehensively and enjoy various benefits offered beyond the standard Third Party Only policy. A customer is also at liberty to extend cover to include protection in case of explosion, lightning, riots, strikes, Act of terrorism among others.

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Covers all insurable risks

Comprehensive cover is the premium policy for motor insurance. The policy comprehensively covers accidents, against losses such as damages, theft, fire with an option of extending the cover to cater for special circumstances such as explosion, lightning, riots, strikes, Act of terrorism among others.

Third Party, Fire, & Theft

Cost effective cover against risks

This policy keeps you covered in the event of damage to another motorists vehicle. However, damages to your vehicle are not covered. It also covers you in case your car is stolen or fire damages.

Third Party Only

Third-party only is limited to providing legal liability cover arising from loss or damage to another motorists vehicle. It is the most basic form of insurance policy and it will only offset costs for the third-party. Any personal injuries or damages to your vehicle are liable to the policyholder.

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